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Forex market is the number one global currency exchange market also the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. There was a time when only larger financial institutions could benefit from currency trading on Forex whereas now, it’s possible for any trader at any level to tackle this ripe and ready currency arena, which features,

US$ 4.01 trillion of trades every day
Deep liquidity, stable prices, and low spreads.
High leverage on trades.
Margin trading, where you can trade assets that exceeds your account’s capital.
Risk management through loss-limiting options.
Nil fees or commissions.
A continuous trading markets with 24 hours and 5 days a week access.

Currency Pairs Specifications


Forex Prince provides you full admittance to trade online, and a whole bundle of invaluable free resources including.

Daily and weekly Market Expert reports
Expert news and opinion on the markets
eBooks and video tutorials
Economic calendars
Informative webinars delivered by experienced market traders

As an UK registered and a leading Forex broker, who offers full admittance to the Forex Markets through trader’s favorite platform as MetaTrader4. Our customized technology gives you instant, flexible trading capabilities and in-depth intelligence to inform your strategy. There are no fees or commission when you trade Forex with ForexPrince. Our strict no-dealing-desk policy ensures your trades are executed without any third party intervention, achieving the best possible outcome for the Clients. Trade with exceptional customer service and you’ll experience easy, fast Forex trading with all the support you could never ever get.


The Forex Trading market has some specific advantages that make it very familiar among the investors. Forex is the largest financial market in the world, with the equivalent of USD 4 trillion converting hands daily. Such liquidity, especially in the major currency pairs of the foreign exchange markets, helps to ensure stable prices and lowest possible spreads. Foreign currency exchange rates can vary from one broker to another, so be sure to choose a regulated reputable forex broker that offers competitive forex spreads. We would adviseto get familiarize yourself with the forex trading platform, before you consider to invest in the online forex market and also to check access of professional forex market analysis.


Forex is a 24-hour market – you can trade whenever you want, from anywhere in the world.

Lower transaction costs

Traditionally there are no commissions or charges on Forex, except for the spread.

1:1000 Leverage

Leverage is a powerful tool. Such high leverage combined with rapid rate fluctuations can make the Forex market profitable but at the same time it’s risky.


Getting to grips with the Forex market is relatively simple. Profits are made by buying and selling currencies with different exchange rates, which can be affected by a number of factors. If you’re new to Forex then our Support team is a great way to learn the basics of trade and get started.


Margin trading, enables investors to trade assets with a higher value than the capital held in their accounts. However, this does involve more risk and substantial losses are possible if the market moves against the trader’s position.

Here traders are advised to closely monitor the amount of margin they are using up. That’s because if this exceeds available collateral, positions must be closed, reduced, or covered with an additional deposits of funds.

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