our trading servers

ForexPrince is a Forex trading company which makes you a king in the trade market. We have a fiber optic network solution which connects our trading servers worldwide. This guarantees lightning fast execution on every trade. The world leader in trading server technology gives the trader a technical edge over the competition. We are STABLE at 99.99% MT4 Uptime. Execution speed has been improved by 78%.


ForexPrince is an Achiever in implementing new technologies for the benefits of our clients.The MT4 Bridge is a true next-gen price aggregator, which connects our dark liquidity pool to the client’s MT4 platform. The MT4 Bridge is the only technological advanced solution which enables to handle the execution of large numbers of market orders at incredibly high speeds. It connects many unique Liquidity providers at high speed. And have quoted over 10,000 price quotes updates per second.

FXP Liquidity has data flows through the highest grade fiberopticalcables. We have carefully tested every single fiber optic line connecting our servers to make sure that latency is minimized. This ensures the fastest execution speeds delivered across the network to our clients. Accelerate performance, realize new possibilities and ignite execution speed, to find your edge via the FXP Liquidity fiber optic network.Can provides up to 100GB per second Bandwidth.