Security instructions

Instructions for safely storing information

In order to keep your trading accounts safe, please study these instructions carefully and follow their recommendations.
Funds in trading accounts with FXP Liquidity Group are secured using both standard security methods (passwords) and an additional security system (confirmation via email or SMS message).
Currently, your username to sign into the FXP Liquidity website is the email address you used when registering. Please carefully protect your email address from unauthorized access!
Recommendations for protecting email

  • If possible, use email services with two layers of authentication.
  • Delete the security questions in your email account's security settings or use random characters as answers.Remember answering a security question is the most popular way to hack an email account!
  • Use a strong password to sign into your email account. Your password should not contain whole words, it should be longer than ten characters, and it should include numbers and capital letters.
  • If you access the service through the web interface, disable the SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols in your email account's settings. This will protect your email account from a brute force attack.
  • Refrain from clicking on questionable links in emails from unknown people or organizations! If you receive an email containing some link and you click on it, do not subsequently enter any passwords.

Please observe the following rules which are created to provide additional security for your account:

  • Never disclose the password to your Personal Area to third parties in order to avoid a hacker gaining access to it. Technical support personnel from FXP Liquidity do NOT have access to your Personal Area, and they are NOT authorized to ask you for the password to your Personal Area. An FXP Liquidity employee may only ask you for your telephone password, which is used to identify you. In order to give access to a particular account to third parties (for example, investors), use the account's investor password. This password does not allow account settings to be changed, or transactions or fund transfers to be executed in your name.
  • Never disclose confirmation codes sent to you via email or SMS message (depending on the type of security chosen).
  • We strongly recommend saving the password to your Personal Area in a separate file on some dedicated external media (USB flash drive, CD, etc.) stored in a safe place, and deleting it from your computer.
  • If you suspect you have become a victim of fraud, please immediately contact technical support via Live Chat or by email at

FXP Liquidity does NOT use the following forms of electronic communication as official communication channels: ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, etc. Any email sent from a domain other than FXP is NOT an official message from FXP Liquidity, even if the sender's address contains "FXP Liquidity." Information received from such email addresses does NOT have any relation to the Company.

Dear Client, We hope that the recommendations above will be useful to you. FXP Liquidity does everything possible to ensure the security of your funds. However, without your cooperation, we can't fully guarantee the security of your Personal Area.

If you refuse to follow the security requirements, you must be aware that you are fully responsible for the safety of the funds in your accounts at FXP Liquidity.